Wednesday, July 21, 2010


On July 4th, my teenaged girls held little American flags and waved them around for the first time in their lives.  Born here in Mexico, they´ve been to the States several times and think it´s "cool", mostly because my dad makes an after-dinner run to the ice cream shop routine when we visit.

July has been a woefully tourist-light month.  July is usually our biggest month but apparently all the Texans are afraid of driving south.  You might see me selling sno-cones on the street soon.  Or micheladas-to-your-door!  Naked messenger service!  Lack of business does inspire one to think creatively.

There are SOME Americans in town.  They probably flew.   We like Americans-In-Town because they like massage, and they like OUR massages and services and prices.  But not a single one of them walked through our door today and now I think it is because we are spooked.  I did a 90-minute massage in the spa on Sunday and interrupted my work once when I saw my husband standing behind the screen.  But when I went around, there was nobody there.  Yesterday, Carlos saw a girl in a jeans jacket in the same room were I saw "him".  He went in to see what she wanted but there wasn´t anyone there.  Psychic Carla, our 15-year old, is going to check out the situation this afternoon when she returns from her job riding horses.  

I don´t mind ghosts.  I just don´t want them chasing business away. 

Monday, July 5, 2010

manuscript request

So I got a request from a NY agent for the full manuscript to Flirting in Spanish today.  Yeah!  It´s not the one that my psychic daughter predicted would be interested.  News to come...