Thursday, June 16, 2011

Being A Mom in Mexico

Sean, age 14, wants to go to the Mint, which is a night club/disco in downtown San Miguel de Allende. When I used to go, in the early 90s, it was called Pancho and Lefty´s.  Yes, you read right.  Sean is FOURTEEN!  The trouble is a lot of her friends go.  The club doesn´t card underagers and the parents let them.  So she thinks that means she should be allowed to go. 

"Nothing will happen."  "I just want to go and dance with my friends."  Among other arguments.

Our firm stance is "You don´t go to bars."  

Yesterday, Sean went to the Tutti Frutti on Mesones and got an ice cream and then stopped in the Jardín after school and bought helium balloons with her friends. They of course unknotted them and sucked helium and walked around talking like cartoon characters.  She came into our spa minutes later telling me and Carlos how hysterical it was. 

A few days ago, when we drove to Parque Bicentenario, Sean and her friends opened Cokes in a cans.  They moved the pull tab back and forth, reciting for each pull, A-B-C-D...   Sean got as far as G.
"Gonzalo!" Ana shrieked. 
"Giovani!" Jerusa yelled.
"Gerardo!" said Sofi.  
The boys who are thinking of them at that moment, or who they are supposed to marry or some such ritual.

I love it when she acts her age.  I hope Sean will stop and realize how much fun she has BEING FOURTEEN, and stop trying to be twenty years old.  There are actually moments, I believe, when she does.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Here ´tis!  The cover of Flirting in Spanish.  Thanks for all who weighed in on the design.  Look for an early July release.  Details to come!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Final final fun fun

Last...huff, puff, pant, pant...edits are in on Flirting in Spanish.  The book is now in galley form, ready to send to reviewers.  Publishers Weekly wants to see it!  El Sol (, an online magazine based here in San Miguel, wants to run an excerpt. 
Big wheel keep on turning...
Things are happening!

Back in Momlandia, I woke up crabby yesterday that I had to drive to Queretaro for a school trip.  I don´t like to drive!  I didn´t want to leave my cozy little business ( where I sit with my computer when I am not doing massages!  But there I was at 10 A.M.  passing the new Presidencia and the glorieta and heading toward Highway 57 on our way to Santa Rosa Juaregui with, why, five laughing teenagers in my car.  What a nifty day it was 14 year old and her friends squished in, talking about school and friends and boys, music playing, elbows out the window in the sun!
Parque Bicentenario is the deal of the century.  (
You pay a 35 peso (about 3 dollars) entrance fee and then everything except the paddle boats is free.  A giant tiled pool with skyscraper slides.  Roller coasters, bumper cars and more rides.  Tubing down a river that goes through a dripping tunnel.  A skateboard park, green areas, kiddie rides.  By the end of the day, I had exhausted, happy teens.  But not exhausted enough.  Later, with all the money they saved by going to Parque Bicentenario, they gathered at my spa at around 6 pm, and headed up to the movies.