Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Indigo Children

Carla is excited that there is another Indigo in her school.  She has never met another kid like her before.  This kid is new in the school, new in San Miguel.  Carla sees auras, can move energy and sees or senses the dead. New Kid can take your hand and give you a reading...tell you how you are.  One of my English class students blogged about it last week (scroll through this week´s unedited entries).

Carla and New Kid walked through town talking the other day. He pointed out an energy spot, in the chapel next to La Parroquia. She talked about the ghosts that inhabit the centuries old parrish church.
She came home talking about meeting another kid (finally) like her.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Literary Sala reading tonight!

If you are in San Miguel, please come to the Posada de San Francisco tonight at 5 pm for a reading by Alice Deham and me!  Since my memoir Flirting in Spanish was "in-progress" for about a hundred years, and I´ve read from it several dozen times, it seems, I´m trying to present something different tonight.  Like maybe a little video presentation where you´ll see lots of the actual characters in the book, including some of San Miguel´s literary luminaries from the early 90s.  Should be fun.

Alice Denham´s most recent book Sleeping with Bad Boys was reviewed by the NT Times (in case you don't, those NY Times folks are a pretty busy lot and getting them to pay attention to your book is a big coup).  Alice was one of the first writers to give me advice as I slogged away at memoir-writing; plus she was at my wedding. 

Hope to see you all!  Signed copies of Flirting in Spanish will be on sale!

Hope to see you there!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

How El Negrito is not a matter of Political Correctness in Mexico

Bimbo in Mexico is like Wonder.  Bimbo produces white sandwich bread, promoted by a little white osito (bear cub) in a chef´s hat, and now, 2011, it also offers scores of whole wheat and multigrain options.
Bimbo sells packaged sweet cakes, too, kind of like Hostess selections in the US. One of its most popular is the Negrito. The Little Black One.
The Negrito is a white cake (it was once compared to a hot dog roll) both filled and topped with chocolate.  On its package is a black boy with a huge Afro and big stepping Keep on Truckin' feet.  He has a Negrito in his hand and a smile on his face, happy presumably to have his yummy snack.

If you are chubby in Mexico, you are probably nicknamed Gorda.  If you are skinny, you are Flaca, unless someone in your life has a wry sense of humor, and you are called Gorda.  Sean as a toddler was called Tortuga because, naked, we imagined her a turtle without its shell.  If you are light, you are called Guera.  If you are dark, you are Negro, or Negra, like my sister-in-law.  So a black boy or a chocolate snack is El Negrito.  Here in Mexico, it´s all good.