Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book Trailer

I just got back from the radio station where, with the help of Santiago of Zonagrafica, I recorded the track for the book trailer of my memoir, Fast Break South.
I wrote it the other day and then dug out lots of old photos of when Carlos and I started dating, and also old newspaper with headings about my father and his NBA championship teams.
Santiago took a few photos of Carlos yesterday to show him now. He looked good. He´d spilled coffee on his regular shirt and replaced it with a Mexican dress shirt that was just the right color.

Just call me One Take Sue. Ha! I recorded the text in one take except for when I choked on the word ´bus´. I recorded that sentence again. All that practice I got as a television news reporter in the eighties - thank you Jesus - in front of a recording microphone, it all came back.

The video should be ready next week. Santiago will upload it on YouTube. First, I´ll use it to get the attention of agents. Then, as a tool to sell the book, whether it is issued by a publishing house or I do it on my own.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

How To Enjoy the San Miguel Fair

Round up your 14-year old and a friend. Grab a snack by the big stage.

Find your sister in the crowd.

And your sister- and brother-in-law. And watch all their kids jump on the brincolĂ­n.

Round up the teenagers. (Jen, my Carla, my Sean, Kayla, Sara)

Wait until the stars come out, so you can jump
up to them.

And say Adios, Feria, until next year.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

5 Ways To Enjoy La Fiesta de San Miguel

Uno: Go to the parades and see the Indian dancers in feathers and conch-shell ankle bracelets.

Dos: Meet your friends at the fountain at the San Miguel fair at sundown.

Tres: Eat tacos and elote (corn on the cob) at the fair.

Cuatro: Pay 15 pesos and get strapped in and bungie-jump at the fair.

Cinco: Hear the free music and plan to return to the fair next year.