Friday, May 28, 2010

May - Time for a Pause

It´s May in San Miguel, which means it´s hot and there is very little business.  Everything comes to a standstill for a minute, and then June happens and kids in the States get out of school and the summer tourists begin to pour into town. 

One year ago, things felt very different. One year ago, due to, or perhaps, promoting the Swine Flu Hysteria, the Mexican government shut down businesses, schools, playgrounds, pools, night clubs...anywhere where people might meet and "spread the disease" or spread the news that the hysteria was invented and furthered by the government, which was my suspicion.  Tourists fled the country, clutching their straw hats and passports.  Doctors met incoming tourists at the airports, when they returned later in June, to inspect them for signs of the flu.  Welcome Foreigner!  Stick out your tongue!  Life was not easy. 

On top of that, our landlord was kidnapped!  I don´t write about kidnappings in Mexico lightly, so let me add right away that he was released a few days later unharmed but lighter in the pocket.  Kidnappings don´t happen to random rich people here.  Rather, it´s like this: In the States when someone wrongs you and you want retribution, you can sue the offending party.  Here, you can kidnap him to let him know that in your opinion he hasn´t been behaving like a very nice fellow.  I guess I want to bust the myth of the Random Kidnappings here in Mexico.  It´s not like that. 

I like this analogy: In the 1920s in America, Al Capone was conducting lawless activities in Chicago.  The rest of the country went about its business.  People went to school, to work, to the lake on weekends.  But the US had a reputation of being a criminal land where all order had been lost.  That´s how it is in Mexico.  People are living their lives, getting haircuts, buying tortillas and watching soccer and drinking Victoria but all anyone hears about is the narcos. 

How did I start talking about kidnappings??  O well, like I said, people are by and large, just living their lives.  Tomorrow my 9-year old nephew, William makes his First Communion so to the church we go, and then to my sister Ann´s house for a mole lunch after. 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

OK, so I gave my husband a bum rap yesterday.  Complaining because he wants to HELP; what´s wrong with me?!  Today, he is cleaning the yard!  Tossing out old junk!  Maybe, now that the girls are almost outgrown them, the bicycles will get fixed.  And the remote control for that matter!  I hope this burst of post-graduation energy lasts.

May is always a hot and calm - business-wise - month in San Miguel.  There are a few tourists but not many.  Businesses close for maintenance and to spiff up for the summer crowds.  Life feels darn OK these days.  One year ago, getting through life felt like trying to balance on a crumbling cliff.    Have to go get my kids from Centro Ecuestre Canales where they ride, and hate to interrupt the buzz of a thrumming weed back in a minute.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

These Days

My friend Jody was just here, along with a pile of Northern California gal pals, and I did more eating and drinking than I´ve done in all of 2010.  Fortunately the gals liked our Tae Kwon Do and Zumba classes too.

Carlos doesn´t leave the house at 6:30 a.m. for school any more.  This is taking some getting used to.  I have a system for lunch-making and now he wants to HELP.  Which means get in the way.  Until he learns that Sean likes regular mayonaise; Carla likes chipotle mayo.  Sean likes tuna sandwich; Carla takes her tuna in a plastic tub.  Sigh.

The girls competed in a dressage competition this past weekend.  Sean won First Place on her horse, Andale on Sunday, but the best was how both girls demostrated dedication while practicing for the show and sportsmanship during.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Agent Search Update

A latino chick at a Big New York Agency asked to see my entire manuscript, responding to my query, not too long ago.  Exciting, but only mildly so, as my psychic 15-year old said, "Mom, she´s not the one for you.  She´s not competitive enough."  I have to admit, on the Big Agency website, said agent looked to be about 12 years old. 

Carla, my 15-year old, said a blonde lady would be interested in my book "in about 3 months" which would be about the end of June/beginning of July.  So when the New Young Agent with a Mexican sounding last name didn´t want to represent me, I only thought, OK, next.  Blonde lady, step forward.  I found a blond agent who blogs actually, who I´ve contacted.  I showed Carla her photo, and Carla said, "Oh yeah, that´s her."  Would I jink it if I say her name?  Her initial are JB.

I shall let you all know if and when she replies.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Carlos, college graduation

That´s my handsome husband in Bellas Artes on Friday, May 7, 2010, navigating the flight of a pink purse, just before his college graduation.  Carlos is the subject (aside from myself) of my memoir, Flirting in Spanish (formerly Fast Break South).  In the last chapter I say that he is close to starting college
and here he is, finished after five years!  I´m very proud. 

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ilusion, Prieta Linda, Afrodita, El Vikingo, Marta Veronica
Perigrina, Anguila II, Doña Luche, No Problema
Susanita, Marias III, La Perla and El Capullo

Those are the names of some of the fishing boats we saw around Zihuatenejo and Barra de Potosi.  El Capullo carried us from Z-wah to Playa Las Gatas, where a man emerged from the ocean carrying a mesh bag of oysters, which we bought and ate immediately.  The oyster diver said his name was Flaca-man, because he was so skinny.  He´s the guy in the top photo with the bucket.  You be the judge. 

We vacationed with Carlos´ brother and his family.  That´s Carlos and his brother, Hector and his son waiting to slurp oysters in the other photo.  And me - post-slurp in the other. 

More on the beach later!