Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Will She Stay or Will She Go?

Judy and Dan from Vermont came to the opening of Carlos' abstract art show at Galeria One on Saturday.
"I'm almost to the end of your book!" Judy said.  She turned and punched Carlos on the arm.  "You didn't go to your rehearsal dinner!"

The pair had visited San Miguel some eight years before, and during their stay, Judy booked several massages with Carlos in our spa, Jasmine. They swapped stories.  Judy - world traveler with her husband.  Carlos - married to an American gal who was writing the story of meeting him.

Last week, Judy had a massage with Carlos and was delighted to find I had completed my book.  She bought Flirting in Spanish.  Early Saturday, I taught creative writing to 25 kids in Palo Colorado, then spent the rest of the day hanging paintings with Carlos.  Judy and Dan happened by.  "I can't put your book down!" she said.  "You just went to that dance and you're deciding whether to stay in Mexico!"  A few hours later, they came to the gallery opening.  "Nice paintings, Carlos. But I can't stay.  I have to go home and read to the end and see if you guys stay together!"

Above is one of the paintings from the show.  MOMA - leave a comment here and we can talk!