Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hello again

Yeah, yeah, I´ve been away.  I´ll skip all the excuses and get to this: Sandra Cisneros at the San Miguel Writers Conference.  Sandra solved the problem of crime in Mexico!  She says for those citizens of Los Asustados Unidos who are afraid to come to Mexico, don´t worry.  She, Sandra is going to tell the government to put all the abuelas of Mexico to work.  The abuelitas and their chanclas.  They need to go around behind the bad guys giving chanclasos until they shape up.  You know, the grandmothers and their raised, threatening slippers. 
Whew.  I feel better knowing there´s a plan. 

Meantime, ín Advanced English/Secundaria at Colegio Siglo XXI, there are eight shiny new Dell laptops.  They are blue and pink and purple and so pretty!
So my students are blogging again.  This past week, in honor of Valentine´s Day, the kids wrote about love.  Check is out: http://siglo21mirror.blogspot.com/