Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Big Energies

When we first got our Zoey, she was so small she fit inside one of Carlos' socks. As a short-haired dog in winter, that's where she spent a lot of her first few weeks with us.  Then she grew into a sweet bull terrier who leapt over the grass when it was high and ran around like crazy when we took her to the Presa. She was BFF to Max, our German Shepherd who passed a few months ago.  He'd open his mouth and she'd lick his teeth.

Alas, Zoey, as an albino female, had a skin disease that worsened until she was living with large bleeding tumors on her stomach that robbed her energy and then her life. In her last days, a curious thing happened. The washing machine, right next to her box, stopped working. Then the coffee maker. Then the microwave oven. Then my computer. Then Zoey died. Now the clothes washer, coffee machine, microwave and computer work perfectly. My only conclusion would be that we all have powerful energies, I believe.  RIP, sweet Zoey!