Monday, June 8, 2009

A Chat About Publishing

On Friday, I gave a massage to a lovely San Francisco furniture designer named Keith, here in our spa. Most people like quiet during a massage, but some people like to yap. Keith was a chatter, which is fine with me.

Keith and I talked about the publishing industry. He said, he never subscribed to a newspaper or read one, but now that he carried an I-phone (or was it a Blackberry?) he reads 30 - 40 minutes of news a day. Because he has access to the internet, he reads! A new reader!

From what I have read on Publishers Lunch and other sources, the publishing industry seems pretty alarmed at what Kindle and on-demand and on-line publishers mean for the future of traditional publishing, but YOO HOO! maybe the worry can be taken down a notch. Does anybody like me, think that new readers is GOOD NEWS for publishers and the writers of books?

I know. Keith was only one example, but I´m betting he stood for many more like him. I think the future of publishing will be different, but not grim.

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