Friday, November 13, 2009

Publication...of sorts

So my friend Mary the graphic designer worked up a cover design for me and uploaded my memoir, Fast Break South, to Amazon, where it should be available for sale at $9.99 on Monday! I figured I could throw it up there while I continue to look for agents, and maybe make a few sales.

Uploading to Amazon means the book it only available to Kindle readers, a growing population, from what I read. No hard copy. But I did it at no cost, except for exchanging some massages with Mary for the cover.

Has this been done before? Is this OK? Can I similarily upload it to nook and other readers? I have no idea. I´m guessing I´ll find out.

The cover uses a photo that my 14-year old Carla took of herself riding her horse, Lucky. It is actually a crisp shadow of them against a large flat rock. Since Lucky is galloping, the photo suggests movement, going places, travel, which are elements of my story. There are no actual
horses or riders in the memoir, but I liked the visual metaphor. Also Fast Break is a basketball term that means you´ve broken away from defenders and are going at breakneck speed to the basket for a layup. The other idea was a photo of the back of Carla, showing a single braid falling over her back in a jeans jacket embroidered with flowers. I like that too, but decided to go with the motion photo. Does it work? Check is out on Amazon on Monday, read the book and tell me!

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  1. Fantastico, Sue! Will check it out on Monday. Surely it can be uploaded to other e-readers. I don't have one yet...soon...