Tuesday, May 10, 2011

12 Reasons the 9-Hour Trip to the Beach Is Worth It

In random order:
1.  Roads lined with mango trees
2.  Waking to the sound of waves
3.  Main means of transportation is the bicycle
4.  Your waitress is barefoot
5.  Snorkling the unspoiled coral reef
6.  My anxiety burning off like the morning mist
7.  Our girls getting along
8.  The absence of Sean´s "you´re so annoying" face
9.  The girls still body-surfing at 9 pm
10. Shrimp botana in Cuastecomate
11. Sea Kayaking with the chance some dolphins will join you
12. Going down to sea level means your blood fills with oxygen which   
       means the Pacifico beer you drink has little effect.


  1. I sooooo need a vacation to a Mexican beach. :) Glad you had a great time!

  2. Hey Sue,
    Finally got to site & enjoyed both new site & post of MAY 10th. Ok, so how do I get to La Manzanilla asap, & love life again?
    The reasons for the 9 hr drive are PERFECTO and too too tempting.
    I like the book cover choice on RIGHT side, BTW (with chili pep only) , and the red textured wallpaper of site.
    Another thing: since I am just UNWIRED now, and did experiment with my own blog WIRED SHUT finally, thank you for the help, back in Feb. Interesting my accident was due to a bike fall like your dad, w/o such horrific results, just horrible 2 months ago.
    How are Las Vaqueras?