Sunday, September 4, 2011

How El Negrito is not a matter of Political Correctness in Mexico

Bimbo in Mexico is like Wonder.  Bimbo produces white sandwich bread, promoted by a little white osito (bear cub) in a chef´s hat, and now, 2011, it also offers scores of whole wheat and multigrain options.
Bimbo sells packaged sweet cakes, too, kind of like Hostess selections in the US. One of its most popular is the Negrito. The Little Black One.
The Negrito is a white cake (it was once compared to a hot dog roll) both filled and topped with chocolate.  On its package is a black boy with a huge Afro and big stepping Keep on Truckin' feet.  He has a Negrito in his hand and a smile on his face, happy presumably to have his yummy snack.

If you are chubby in Mexico, you are probably nicknamed Gorda.  If you are skinny, you are Flaca, unless someone in your life has a wry sense of humor, and you are called Gorda.  Sean as a toddler was called Tortuga because, naked, we imagined her a turtle without its shell.  If you are light, you are called Guera.  If you are dark, you are Negro, or Negra, like my sister-in-law.  So a black boy or a chocolate snack is El Negrito.  Here in Mexico, it´s all good.


  1. Sue! this is a great blog! I am Rebecca P also known as corazon on my blog id. Really enjoy your writing, you so capture Mexico!

  2. After you telling me about your blog post on Saturday, I went to the store in search for "El Negrito". They looked yummy but I didn't buy them.

  3. Susan: I like readng your little posts about everyday things. Looking forward to returning to SMA in February. Will see you then. Judy (and Rick)

  4. sooooo true! One day recently, two of my sisters-in-law and I were chatting in front of the house when my husband poked his head out and said "Gorda, planchame este pantalon". We had no idea which one of us he was talking to. He then clarified it by saying "Tu, Vieja." That would be me :-)