Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Angels on My Side

..It happened again. Something pressed on my instep at around 4 a.m., waking me up. I laid real still. "Open for messages," I mentally assured the spirit visitor. Wait, I'll cleanse my chakra path, really send a signal I'm ready for what I'm supposed to be learning. With my mind, I sent a bolt of light down my trunk, clearing out shrubbery, trash, things to worry about. "No blockages!" I encouraged. "Ready for guidance!"

I lay still some more. "Antenas are up! Alert and open for wisdom!"

I wonder if the spirits have a sense of humor. Maybe they're having a good chuckle. Hey, let's wake this one up and make her think we have something important to say! That would be just like my friend, Mary, who died in October, if the spirit is indeed her.

...Had a "processing" session with Fay Hart, a Self Awareness Coach who has this heading on her website: Smoke Pot or Not. Fay guides one to feel messages of pain in the body, and then heal them. Fay is also a kickass performance poet. We are trading sessions for massage. During the session, Fay invoked the Divine Mother and the Angels Gabriel and Rafael to join us, and I actually saw them, not with faces but as beings of light. This might be sounding way out there. Bear with me. Fay does guided meditation and she was talking about nurturing and I welled up because who nurtures mothers/heads of households/decision makers/writers? I felt myself enveloped in a big, well, abrazo de luz. A brilliant light hug. Whew!
I used to do some big time eyerolling at people who talked like this, by the way.  So later, Fay says, "Gabriel is always there when I do sessions. He's the messenger. The Patron Saint of Communication Workers. He heralds the revealing of answers."

Answers? Yes, please! Communication Workers - that's me! Sue McKinney, News 3 - I said that on a daily basis for about ten years! I wrote a book already! Gabriel is my dude!  C'mon Gabe.  So where is the pinche message??

...Meantime, on the highway between San Miguel de Allende and beautiful Silao, Guanajuato, April 28, to be precise, the sun was a new red ball at 6:30 a.m. and our car was packed with swimsuits and sunscreen and aimed toward La Manzanilla in Jalisco. Suddenly a huge tractor-trailer bore down on us in the other side of the narrow and curvy two lane highway. It occurred to me it might cross the center line and put us in danger. Without thought, I pushed a wall of energy toward the truck and it stayed in its lane and passed without crushing us. A thought formed clearly in my head - "I have a lot of power."

I DID, two days before we left for the beach, take my first Tae Kwon Do test and not only passed but was bumped from Advanced White right up to Yellow. (yeah!!) But maybe it's not that kind of power. What is my power??

Healing Through Massage? I know sometimes I really help people who can barely move.

Words? I can write about waking up to awareness, and about my expanding ability to give and receive love, and maybe it will resonate with one person. Or more.

Is this the message? Do I REALLY need confirmation? Yes! Are the angels and spirits losing patience with me and my needing to know?

Maybe. Meantime, I'm thick and dense, spirit guides, OK? Open for message. You can say clearly, You are on the right track, or Look over there, mensa. Whatever works. Lines are open.

That's me on the La Manzanilla beach, trying to find my power.

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  1. Lovely piece Susan. Here's the rub - the thing you are looking for is the thing that's looking. xox