Friday, December 11, 2009

Blog Solidarity

Exciting happenings from bloglandia. My friend Jo Moran, whose first novel, The Wives of Henry Oades will be released in February, asked me to send along a photo of me reading her book from San Miguel, so she could add it to her fabulous website, Check out the site and you´ll see all about her book, a historical novel based on a man who takes a post in New Zealand and moves there with his family, only to have his wife and children kidnapped by some Maori tribal members. That´s me in the photo reading the part about the Maori abducting the family. I´m in front of the Parroquia de San Miguel, the centerpiece of my town, San Miguel de Allende.
After a long search, Henry concludes his family is dead and he sails to California where he marries a young widow. Read the book to find out what happens when Margaret, the missing wife, shows up on their doorstep.
I met Jo online about five years ago when were we both searching for agents. We´ve read each other´s manuscripts through several versions each, and have been wonderful friends ever since.
Then, on Twitter, I met a guy who coaches basketball at Jackson Community College in, I think, Michigan. He writes a great blog on coaching and playing sports at His name is Steve Finamore and he´s a fan of coaches in general, and of my dad, Jack, who used to coach in the NBA. After dialoguing a bit, he asked if he could write a letter to my dad (of course!) and interview me about growing up with basketball. I´m answering his questions one by one, and expect they´ll show up on his blog soon. His blog has lots of observations about basketball on all levels, and reffing and broadcasting. Check it out!


  1. Thank you for this lovely plug, Sue...
    Anxious to read your interview with the basketball coach. Don't forget to post. How about your video? Donde esta? xox

  2. Love that picture, Susan! It's full of character. Saludos!