Friday, December 4, 2009

Fast Break South on Amazon

So I reloaded Fast Break South onto Amazon with a new cover. I love the new look. It´s bright and the Mexican flags suggest a celebration of the life I´ve found here. Plus there´s a quote from my wonderful and generous friend, the memoirist Beverly Donofrio. Thank you to Sandra and Mary the designer who helped me get it up there.
Now, I have to get that video trailer about the book finished. Yoohoo, Santiago at Zonagrafica!

I´ve made a couple of sales that I know friends. It´s still exciting. My daughter with the psychic gifts said to me out of the blue about three days ago, "Mom, don´t bother with publishers. Nobody´s interested right now. Just do the book yourself." Interesting, as I hadn´t detailed to her much at all about getting my memoir up on Amazon as a Kindle book. The last agent rejection said publishers are only interested in celebrity memoirs right now. That should take you right to the book on Amazon. Or you can search Fast Break South or Susan McKinney de Ortega.

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  1. The new cover is much, much better, conveying more enthusiasm and energy.