Thursday, January 14, 2010

Happy Birthday Expat Women

Have you ever wondered what it´s like to live in another country? is the site that tells you all about. The site features more than 1000 pages of news and information for women living overseas, and for women, and men for that matter, who might want to. Curious about what it´s like to run a business in another country? Hire domestic help? Buy real estate? is your go-to place. You´ll also find first person stories from women who have made other nations their home.

On January 16, ExpatWomen celebrates its third anniversary of being online. Happy Birthday! Happy Anniversary! Check out the site, and you´ll see why it´s a great resource.

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  1. Hi! that's how I found you via Expat Women, I agree great resource online! Glad to read about other families raising bicultural children. I'm Mexican from Chihuahua,my husband is Croatian and together we all speak 3 languages at home (spanish, english and croatian). At times we get words a bit mixed up but that's what makes it fun!