Wednesday, January 6, 2010

teen diary entry contest

First of all, I have to say that I thought I posted the link to my book trailer over there to the left, but it´s a live, moving thing. And I´m a techno-idiot. Lots of other book trailers seem to be coming up but I haven´t caught mine. O well. Featuring book trailers is not a bad thing.

So I entered Nathan Bransford´s Teen Diary entry contest. 500 words or less. I sent in a section from Dear Annette, about the author´s attempt to show off her Puerto Rican accent in Spanish class, and about her mother being a Welcome Wagon hostess, which I think is hysterical. My mom did that for about 15 minutes in 1974. Then I think she found she lacked a required perkiness, and quit. The fictional mom is going to hang in there for awhile.

Anyway, sent the entry in and realized two horrible spelling mistakes. One in Spanish. Horror.
Me, of all people. Me, who has been speaking decent Spanish for more than 15 years.


Maybe he won´t notice.

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