Saturday, September 11, 2010

Mexican Bicentennial

There are red, white and green flags all over town and a Disney-worthy light show on the face of the Parroquia on weekend nights this month. Welcome to the place to be for the Mexican bicentenial - my home town, San Miguel de Allende.  Last weekend, along with the light show, were a grupero band in their turned-up cowboy hats and some barechested fire jugglers on an opposite stage.  All of this takes place in the Jardin, or town square, accompanied by hamburger sellers, corn-o-the-cob sellers, popcorn vendors.  There are bars on surrounding side streets when the need to have a tequila shot can´t be ignored. 

In the coming week, there will be bullfighting events, equestrian events - my girls will jump in a demonstration competition at Los Senderos - foot races, parades and princesses.  All in all, why would anyone want to be anywhere besides San Miguel de Allende in September? 

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  1. Yeah, around my house, they're selling flags and making city hall look all pretty. It'll be crazy next week!