Saturday, September 11, 2010

psychic Carla

Last night, before we went up to the light show on the Parroquia, we had ceviche and Corona at my business - Jasmine Day Spa - and our 15-year old Carla said there was another "entity" in the place.  She saw a little child-like form, no higher than three feet.  

"Ask it to leave," I said.  I´m afraid these beings suck up all the good energy in our place, or scare away business.  Carla went up into the front room and came back.  "I invited it to move on to the next dimension, where it wants to go anyway," Carla said.

Another agent has requested some pages, and Carla feels good about this one.  That´s all I´ll say.  I´m afraid of jinxing things if I blab too much about this agent process. 

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