Wednesday, December 28, 2011

What the Diplomat Told Me

Carlos' mantra these days is synchronicity, and here is how it showed up yesterday for me.  

An elegant 60-ish woman came in for a massage and facial yesterday.   She is a diplomat for Panama, and was once the Panamanian consul in Baltimore.  She is soon to publish a book, and we talked writing.  I told her about the paranormal tendencies in my family and how someone pinched my ankle while I slept, and that I didn’t know if it was my maestros or Mary.

“It was Mary,” she said. 
“How do you know?”
“I just feel strongly that it was your friend.  She hasn’t passed on.  She needs help.”
“But why would she come to me if she needs help?  I would think she would hang around her own house, with her husband.  Or at Warren and Tuli’s.  Mary and I were very good friends, but Tuli was clearly her BFF.”
“There is a spirituality at your house that is going to help her cross over, isn’t there?  Your daughter can detect spirits and your husband meditates at 5 every morning, right?”
“Oh, yeah,” I said. 

She went on to tell me of when her then 5-year old son, while vacationing at Disney World in Florida, said suddenly, “A tree has fallen onto our roof, and crashed into my room.”   Sure enough, when they returned to Panama, they found their home’s roof crushed by a tree.

“You can help Mary,” my client, Elvira said, as I massaged her neck.  “Find a priest to say 9 masses for her, and she will pass on.” 

Not an unheard of proposition.  My mother has paid for dozens of Masses in her lifetime.  Surely there are enough churches in San Miguel for that to be an easy task. But is that the end?  Is that all the spirit wanted from me?


  1. The Diplomat's idea can't hurt.
    Both my grandfathers did something which is kind of unusual I think and it's even more interesting that they both did it. They both during their later years went to their priests and said, who is somebody you know that you think needs Mass said for them and nobody else is going to do this, and I will pay for it. They did this on a very regular basis year after year. When I was younger I pooh-poohed this whole idea. Really, what is that, buying a Mass? But I've figured out that although money is less material and fleeting, it is also a measurement. Where we put it = what we value. If people can be helped by vibes or energy or whatever you want to call it, then all you have to do in order to help is make the effort sincerely. That is what it is about. Something I remember learning about Buddhism is that there are different types of people: warriors, householders, monks, etc. I decided I may not be cut out from the stuff of monks. Meditating (yourself) is excellent if you do it but I don't think it's the only path.

  2. I meant to say "money is yes material and fleeting"

  3. Susan, I found your blog on Amy Ferris'facebook and I love it. I am Mexican American, born and raised in Los Angeles. My mother was born in Arizona, my father in Texas. Spirits, visitations, intuition, dreams, are a deep part of the culture as I am sure you now know being married to a Mexican man. I have always loved this aspect of my culture and find nothing strange or impossible when the spirits try to communicate with us. My mother was very intuitive and psychic. My sister is the same way. I did not get this gift but I have many stories I could share with you. For now, I'm going to check out the rest of your blog.