Saturday, October 10, 2009

How To Enjoy the San Miguel Fair

Round up your 14-year old and a friend. Grab a snack by the big stage.

Find your sister in the crowd.

And your sister- and brother-in-law. And watch all their kids jump on the brincolĂ­n.

Round up the teenagers. (Jen, my Carla, my Sean, Kayla, Sara)

Wait until the stars come out, so you can jump
up to them.

And say Adios, Feria, until next year.

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  1. Hi Sue, We met a few years ago when we lived in SMA for 6 months down the street from Jodie in your other friends old home. We also rode with Nicole. At that point you were thinking about the girls' education....what did you decide and are you pleased with your decision? I would love to try to get my family to SMA full time...we miss it very much, but finances and kids education are the 2 big issues. Curious where the girls wound up.