Thursday, October 15, 2009

Book Trailer

I just got back from the radio station where, with the help of Santiago of Zonagrafica, I recorded the track for the book trailer of my memoir, Fast Break South.
I wrote it the other day and then dug out lots of old photos of when Carlos and I started dating, and also old newspaper with headings about my father and his NBA championship teams.
Santiago took a few photos of Carlos yesterday to show him now. He looked good. He´d spilled coffee on his regular shirt and replaced it with a Mexican dress shirt that was just the right color.

Just call me One Take Sue. Ha! I recorded the text in one take except for when I choked on the word ´bus´. I recorded that sentence again. All that practice I got as a television news reporter in the eighties - thank you Jesus - in front of a recording microphone, it all came back.

The video should be ready next week. Santiago will upload it on YouTube. First, I´ll use it to get the attention of agents. Then, as a tool to sell the book, whether it is issued by a publishing house or I do it on my own.


  1. ~what a Great idea~after it's posted to youtube I'll post the link on my FB too! You're an awesome read and I'm so praying for you to be published!

  2. Thanks! I´ll surely let everyone know when it´s up on YouTube. Your encourgaement helps!