Thursday, May 20, 2010

OK, so I gave my husband a bum rap yesterday.  Complaining because he wants to HELP; what´s wrong with me?!  Today, he is cleaning the yard!  Tossing out old junk!  Maybe, now that the girls are almost outgrown them, the bicycles will get fixed.  And the remote control for that matter!  I hope this burst of post-graduation energy lasts.

May is always a hot and calm - business-wise - month in San Miguel.  There are a few tourists but not many.  Businesses close for maintenance and to spiff up for the summer crowds.  Life feels darn OK these days.  One year ago, getting through life felt like trying to balance on a crumbling cliff.    Have to go get my kids from Centro Ecuestre Canales where they ride, and hate to interrupt the buzz of a thrumming weed back in a minute.

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