Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ilusion, Prieta Linda, Afrodita, El Vikingo, Marta Veronica
Perigrina, Anguila II, Doña Luche, No Problema
Susanita, Marias III, La Perla and El Capullo

Those are the names of some of the fishing boats we saw around Zihuatenejo and Barra de Potosi.  El Capullo carried us from Z-wah to Playa Las Gatas, where a man emerged from the ocean carrying a mesh bag of oysters, which we bought and ate immediately.  The oyster diver said his name was Flaca-man, because he was so skinny.  He´s the guy in the top photo with the bucket.  You be the judge. 

We vacationed with Carlos´ brother and his family.  That´s Carlos and his brother, Hector and his son waiting to slurp oysters in the other photo.  And me - post-slurp in the other. 

More on the beach later!

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