Monday, April 4, 2011

The Bookstore Baby

Fun News about San Miguel--Xote, the ever-expanding water slide park, has new pools and new bathrooms and a first aid station.  It is a fabulous and well-kept place to spend a Sunday afternoon, which I did with my daughter Carla and her cousins yesterday.

Bad News--Entrance to Xote is up to $100 pesos!  Still, the place was packed yesterday.  If so many Mexican parents can take their whole families to Xote for an afteroon, it seems to speak well for the economy.

Sad News--Libros El Tecolote on Calle Jesus in San Miguel is closing at the end of April after 17 years.  Sad face.  I think, maybe I should go talk to Mary Marsh, the sole owner all these years, about taking on the store myself.  I could do it!  But truthfully, I don´t have a clear idea of how to sell real books in a world where more and more people are buying downloadable books.  What would the future of a small bookstore in a small town in Mexico be? 

I worked at Libros El Tecolote 14 years ago.  I was pregnant during that time and then, a new mother.  Mary in fact was at Sean´s birth, which happened in a small apartment, with a midwife.  And then I had Baby Sean in a cradle in the bookstore for her first couple of months.  Sean is in eighth grade now, and has about 5 inches on me.  Every once in awhile, someone will still ask me about the "bookstore baby".  

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