Friday, April 1, 2011

Happy to report another incident-free trip from SMA to Laredo. Lots of military convoys and Federales, but smooth-sailing door-to-door.

Hasta proximo enero ...
Rex y Gail

The above is an entry from today´s San Miguel Civil List, a group where SMA residents post notes about everything having to do with living in San Miguel, from where to get your dog groomed, to where to find a US tax attorney to what is the correct wage for your maid. 
Sprinkled in with the posts are a couple of reports a week about people´s travel experiences in Mexico.  About two months ago, a guy reported that he was dogged by two menacing-looking trucks on the road to the Columbia bridge crossing into Texas, and that they veered off after he joined himself up with a tractor-trailer, but lately all posts have looked like the above. 

I´m always happy to see the good news.  Especially now.  Carlos, the girls and I plan to travel to our favorite beach town in the state of Jalisco - La Manzanilla - later this month. 

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