Friday, April 8, 2011

Mexican Couch

Look at this wacky concrete Mexican couch!  It looks like it´s out in the middle of the wilderness but it´s really in a park in Colonia Mirador, overlooking the dressage arena.  Mirador is down by the lake, and a lot of people in the area have horses.  That´s me watching my daughter, Carla and her friend Melissa ride one day.   Wouldn´t that couch be a great place to stretch out with a book?

Ssh!  There is a famous Mexican actor in town.  I see him a lot.  He picks up his laundry at the dry cleaner near our spa; he drinks coffee at La Ventana on Sollano in the mornings.  I´m told he keeps a very humble apartment and comes to town often.  He walks around town, and nobody fusses, so I´m going to protect his right to enjoy San Miguel undisturbed, and not say his name, but I will tell you that he´s had parts in many acclaimed Mexican films, and he was a baddie as well in the second installment of the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. 

Speaking of Famous People, once I modeled for Michelle Pfieffer, back when I was modeling in art classes.  Once my husband gave a massage to the actor who played the father on the TV show Clarissa Knows It All.  And I massaged the actor who played the filmmaker in the movie, Pancho Villa.  I also gave a massage to Salma Hayek´s stunt double when El Mariachi 2 was being filmed in San Miguel!  Yeah, that's me, rubbing shoulders with the hoi polloi (which can be taken to mean the common people or the society set.) 


  1. Sue, that couch is amazing! What a concept-- for someone to make their outdoor space like a concrete living room, too cool.

  2. loved shooting U on this concrete 'couch' sculpture..And the signs above were another treat, remember?

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