Tuesday, July 12, 2011

All Things Texas

My teenaged girls were fascinated by everything in Texas.  "Hey, Jeff," Carla said when we went to a Sisterdale restaurant for take-out Texas barbecue.  "Hold up the paper sacks!  We don´t have paper sacks in San Miguel!"
This is Jeff, our host in beautiful Sisterdale, Texas.  His house is a getaway hunting lodge that has been in the family for years, a beautiful tree-shrouded dwelling with a wide wooden porch complete with wooden rockers made by Jeff´s grandfather. That´s the girls and I at the family gate above.
The house is a quintessential 1960s Hill Country hunting lodge complete a mounted and framed Indian arrowheads display on the wall and and a pushbutton wall phone and bedstands adorned with American Hunter magazine.  The girls rested on the sleeping porch under a couple of the dozen mounted deer and antelope heads the line the paneled walls. 
We returned to San Atonio in time for my kids, who are full citizens of both Mexico AND the United States, to participate in the Los Olmos Park July 4th parade.  They marched with their friend, Anna Louise.  Carla was amazed at all the red, white and blue, and Sean awed by the free food in the town green later. 

The following photos were taken by Carla.  These are the things about Texas that caught the attention of a 16-year old girl who lives in Mexico.

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