Sunday, July 24, 2011

Interviewed by the Wisconsin State Journal!

I am so happy to be with Antaeus Books.  The publisher, Jayne Navarre is the genius who thought of adding a glossary of words to use when "flirting in Spanish" at the back of my book, Flirting in Spanish. 

Antaeus is not a big Random House, so lots of the publicity effort falls to me.  This past week, I contacted a writer acquaintance named Doug Moe, who has written for Madison, Wisconsin newspapers since I used to work in news there in the 80s.  Hey, I said, Maybe you remember me?  Wanna take a look at my new book?

Fortunately he did.  He is a wonderful writer who I remember for writing a long magazine piece on the sensational 1980s murder of a police officer´s ex-wife by hired assassin Joseph Hecht.  The fascinating trial came with hints of gay activity on Hecht´s part, a glamorous and sullen girlfriend who was put on the stand, and the defendant himself.  Dressed in an Izod shirt, he looked like someone I might have chatted with in a bar.  My part in the coverage came when Hecht complained of headaches, got himself transported to University hospital, pulled a gun while there, and escaped.  I, traveling in the News 3 car with videographer, Mike Van Susteren that day happened upon Joey Hecht in his getaway car before the police found of the biggest adreneline rushes of my life.  Within the hour, the police had located and captured him.

I´ve always admired Doug, and now he has written an article about me and Flirting in Spanish. My mother was thrilled about the article and wants to know if Doug Moe the writer is related to Doug Moe the former NBA coach...a comment that would only come out of a family like ours. 

Here´s the article:


  1. What a great article. Felicitaciones a la publicación de su libro (Congratulations on publishing your book). I am so happy for you!!! Please save a copy for me for when we return to SMA en Septiembre.

  2. Congrats on the interview and your book! Nice to meet you.

  3. Nice article, Sue. I've also passed it along with info about your book to others.