Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Photos of San Antonio reading

I think giving readings in homes is the way to go.  The chairs are comfy and the food can´t be beat.
Allow me to present some of the coolest gals in San Antonio.  Roane was so happy to have her daughter back from Madrid, where she was studying Spanish.  That´s Avery and Roane in the middle.  And Jill on the left is married to a Mexican fellow and KNOWS WHAT IT'S LIKE!
Most of these gals are in book clubs and want me to come back and talk to their groups.  I´m cooking up a San Antonio Book Club Tour for the week going into Mexican Independence Day, September 16. 
Book clubbers of San Antonio - contact me if you want me to visit!
This is my friend, Margaret. She made yummy guacamole, a red, white and green (colors of the Mexican flag) cheese dish and sangria, and lent her lovely home for the event.

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