Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Bicentenial Story?

I´ve written two beginning paragraphs on a Young Adult novel. The character is 15 and in a new school because her family has moved from the East Coast to Milwaukee. I´ve set it in 1974 because that´s when I was 15 and I can completely saturate the thing with a coming-up-on-the-bicentenial ambience. But do kids want to read about kids in the seventies? Is setting the story in that decade all wrong? Will they read the jacket copy and put it down? Where´s the book on how to write for teens?

Also, a snappy voice is only going to carry the story so far. What happens? If it is going to be picked up by the movies, what is it´s beginning, middle and resolution? (This helps me structure a story.)

Further burning questions:
1) When are tourists going to come back to Mexico and walk into our business, Jasmine Day Spa, in San Miguel de Allende?

2) Isn´t it time for a haircut?

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