Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Nicest No

The top shelf New York literary agent has replied! With about the nicest no anybody´s ever received. She said. "How I wish I could help you! Your story is amazing and so moving. Your material is well written and engaging."

On to finding someone else. Unfortunately, a large part of my story takes place in Mexico, and psychologically, the idea of Mexico is hitting people´s fear button right now, because of the flu.

I´ll probably try an agent I met two years ago at the San Miguel Writers Conference. She at least has experienced San Miguel´s charms.

I´m encouraged to have a couple of heavy hitting cheerleaders - my historical novelist friend, Sandra and Fred Hills, former Editor-in-Chief of the General Books Division of McGraw-Hill and former Vice-President and Senior Editor of Simon Schuster. Fred says he wishes he were still in acquisitions at S&S to have a chance at buying it.

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  1. Glad we connected! I found you through a Twitter search for "travel memoir" and yes, the reason I followed you was because I saw that you are looking for an agent, too! It's fun watching another writer's progress. I'll be rooting for you!