Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Got Over Whining, Plus, My Memoir

I was sitting around whining on Facebook about having no business and no money due to having a totally dead tourist-based business which has no clients presently due to the Mexican flu hysteria. And my friend Sarah Hoch of San Miguel´s Expresion en Corto commented from, oh, um, CANNES that now was the time to be blogging. Wise Sarah!

My memoir is called Fast Break South and the proposal for it has been at the office of a top New York literary agent since late April, if I can trust Mexpost. She just got back from the London Book Fair and has lots of catching up to do no doubt. Do you think if I offer $20 bucks, she´ll take it home and read it this weekend?

My father, Jack, coached basketball at St. Joseph´s University - a school completely nutty for its basketball - in the 70s, and then coached in the NBA in the 8os. Part of my memoir is about being the coach´s daughter. The other part is about how I came to San Miguel one summer, flipped over a 19-year old kid from a poor family, and never went back to my life in Philadelphia.

Wouldn´t you like to know how those two elements relate? Wanna know if we´re still together?
Hope so, because that means you´ll probably like reading my memoir!

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