Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cooking Up Ideas

The novel for teens. I´m still wondering what to do with it. I thought I´d put some ideas in a word-blender and see what shakes out.
Here´s some elements. Many come, again, from my 12-year old Sean.

* a wierd and funny friend
* the friend is obsessed with a boy and they toilet paper his house
* the friend never eats with her parents, always alone
* the friend, at a school dance, cuts herself with a plastic knife
* the friend wants to go on a show like MTV´s Made and become popular overnight
* the mom is nutty and likes seagulls
* during a sleepover, the friends have a bloody boogie fight

Hmmm. Some of these elements might not fit in 1974. Some might not fit together at all.

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