Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Afflicted with SBW (Should Be Writing)

Writing an article on the Literary Society for San Miguel Magazine. Remembering the Tom Robbins event, in which the community read Fierce Invalids Home from Hot Climates, and dressed as characters from the book.

Three agents have asked for my first 30 or 50 pages. So I´m Waiting To Hear. And Should Be Writing. Anybody notice that I´m not?

I wrote a novel before without planning the plot beforehand, and that novel is in a file, suffering from structural problems. I don´t want to make the same mistake again. I´m Thinking...that´s what I´m doing! I am really, and making notes. So that once I begin to write the YA novel I´ve mentioned, I can power ahead.

Anyone ever work in cable TV? Can you describe a cable station to me? As in physically. I worked in local network television (WISC-TV, Madison, Wisconsin) and have a good idea of its layout and workings. Is a local cable station in the 1970s different? Cable TV is key, as I´ll reveal as I get the story going, only to my readers here!

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  1. I was reviewing some old pictures from my school days and found one with my English teacher at the Tec in Queretaro (1991 or 1992... not sure). We spent a great time and I remember you were rated the best teacher that semester. It's been a long time and had no idea you were in San Miguel. Have a great day! -Amilkar Duarte