Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Talking About Memoir...

When I am not writing or blogging or working in our spa, I am riding horses or watching my kids ride. Left to right - me, Lucky and Carla, age 14. Carla is Lucky´s rider and my fabulous and talented daughter.

I was invited to speak to University of New Orlean´s Summer Program memoir class today by the teacher, memoirist Kristen Iversen. First everyone spoke about his or her project. Some are just starting the process of writing non-fiction; some are close to finishing and looking at agents and marketing. Seemed like an admirable group who shared a willingness to look at their varied themes head-on.
I talked about how long it has taken me to write my memoir (hm, ten years), the pages I thought were so important that have been cut, the idea of theme. That once you can identify your theme, you can let it guide you about what to include and what not to include in your writing. Hope I talked smart!

Wanted to go to the UNO Open Mike reading tonight, but I´m home watching Wipeout with my kids. I have to cover my eyes for most of it.

Ít´s summer. The summer people are in town, which means I go out a lot with friends who only come in July. It´s fun and exhausting, and my kids need me home sometimes. Like tonight.


  1. Beautiful horse! I owned horses throughout most of my childhood, but had to sell them when life got too busy after high school. I still miss them - but they live on in many of my stories!

  2. Good for you! I count on horses to help my kids through adolescence. So far, so good.