Friday, July 17, 2009

Riquisimos Pollos A La Leña

A new roasted chicken place opened on Calle Codo, only lableled with a hand-lettered sign, Riquisimos Pollos A La Leña $50 pesos. The pollos come dripping in juices from being roasted over a pile of mesquite logs. Carlos bought two a few weeks ago for a picnic at the presa (dam/lake).

When we went for a pollo a week ago, a new hand-lettered sign said the chickens were now $80 pesos. Outraged, we stalked off, and dined on cold cuts that Sunday. By Monday, the chickens were back to 50 pesos.

"What´s the message here?" I asked Carlos. "Tourist prices on Sundays only?"

"Nah," Carlos said. "Es que the owners were probably out of town and the employees jacked up the prices so they could pocket the difference."

Oh, silly me, to not have remembered how absurd and funny life is in Mexico.

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