Saturday, April 3, 2010

Future Shock

I couldn´t do it!  I´ve peeked at Authonomy twice yesterday and once today.  I even reviewed some books!  Now that I´m in three digits, the addiction has a new purer strain.  How can I give it up now?

At least I sent queries to two new agents.  At least I had lunch with my writer pal, Sandra Gulland and we talked about my Young Adult novel and what to do to bring it up to date from 1974 so it´s not considered historical fiction. 

I´m easing off.  I¨m finding balance.

My 15-year old daughter has Sight, as it was called in one of the books I read on Authonomy, or vision or preciense or a connection with other energies and dimensions.  We took a trail ride together yesterday and I said, "Now that I´ve dropped 65 pages from my memoir and changed the title, is it going to be picked up?"  Often, Carla will tell us if we are going to have a good day in our business, Jasmine Day Spa.  Results are 99% accurate.  Sometimes Carla doesn´t feel like looking into the future, but she was game yesterday.

"In about three months, an older blondish lady is going to want your book." 

"Is it going to sell a lot?"


"Will it be made into a movie?"

She was laughing at me and my anxiety by now.  "Yes, but that comes later."

So here it is, her prediction recorded.  We´ll see if anything is happening with my book by the summer.  I will stick to women when I send my agent query letters from now on.


  1. Hey. Don't limit your queries to women. How do you know that you won't query a guy agent and he says, "This is good, but not really my thing," and passes it on to a woman at his agency?

    Also, RE: Authonomy.

    It is a time sink and a game. Not a serious writing pursuit. Don't get caught up in the ratings and rankings and making the mistake of thinking it is important. Just keep that in mind, and you'll be fine.

  2. Just thought I'd let you know I've enjoyed browsing through your blog today. I can't even say for sure how I got here... one click leads to another and the next thing you know you're blogs away from where you started!

  3. I´m not seriously limiting myself to women, T. I was exaggerating to agree with my 15-year old who said a blondish woman was going to be interested in the manuscript.
    You are so right though that a guy could pass it on to a gal agent...
    As for Authonomy, I think the comments I´ve gotten has given me a renewed confidence to approach agents, and that´s worth plenty. I´m with get to the top and what is the big reward? A look-see by some British HCers? Do they even do memoir?
    But the big question: When do we see something new or more of yours?? Thanks for all, S

  4. Rumor has it the trolls are working on a joint project.

    But you didn't hear it from me.

  5. I purchased the Kindle version of your book two days ago, read it in one sitting and loved it! The story is so compelling I could not put it down. Also, as I read I had a very strong sense that I knew you somehow. Finally, just after midnight last night, as I was reading about your wedding to Carlos, something clicked and following my hunch I searched for my copy of a documentary I watched a couple of years ago before making my first trip to San Miguel de Allende. I fast-forwarded through the dvd until I found the segment of you in Lost and Found in Mexico by Caren Cross. It was very touching to glimpse the stars of your story. You have a beautiful family and a very inspiring story. Since my visit to San Miguel I've often wondered if I could live there and have a writing career as you and a few others have done. Your story opened my eyes to the realities of earning a living in Mexico. Not as romantic or as easy as I would hope, still, I wonder.... At the very least I hope to make it to a writing conference in San Miguel one of these days. Meanwhile, thank you for having the courage to share the unvarnished truth of your life story and for inspiring me to start doing the same no matter where I may live.