Thursday, April 1, 2010

No More Book Stalking

Holy Week in San Miguel.  The banks are closed now until Monday.  Many businesses close on Good Friday, and there are solemn processions through downtown tomorrow, going from churches like the Oratorio and the Parroquia.  San Miguelenses dress as Roman centurians and angelitos and there is a Jesus with a real crown of thorns.  On Sunday, life-sized paper mache Judases hang from rope that goes from the Jardín trees to the police station across Calle San Francisco and are blown up with firecrackers. No fuzzy duckies here. 

My husband said to me today, "For the last month, you´ve been on the computer a lot.  Do you realize that?" 

Sheepish grin.  I´ve got to give up Authonomy, and get back to writing and sending queries to agents.  I´m going to do it.  Today.

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