Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Notes from San Miguel in April

Saturday, we went to a Mexican asada or cookout at Centro Ecuestre Canales, where we keep our horses and ride.  First thing noted: a fancy, new double tier grill and sausages and arrachera and a tub of iced beer.  Nothing to complain about there. 

We were invited by Eugenio Canales, who gives my girls their riding lessons.  They are practicing diligently with him these days as there is a dressage competition at his place in mid-May.  The guests were Eugenio´s friends and nephews and his workers, who tack up the horses and keep things clean around the barn, and supposedly their families.  But the guys said their wives preferred to stay home. 

A guy who works with charro horses brought his lariat and showed us how he could jump through  while spinning it.  My 15 year old daughter demanded to be taught how.  As we rolled up tacos of meat and grilled peppers, it began to get dark and the electricity suddenly went out.  One of the caballarangos (ranch-hands) went for his truck to illuminate the party with headlights and music.  He only crashed into one parked car as he rearranged his.

Next, a charro rider (and nephew of the host) called Pollo said he would leave.  Another caballarango said, "If you leave, te voy a echar sillazos."  "Ni modo, ya me voy," Pollo said and headed for the street.  Sure enough, the caballarango, as promised, threw a chair at him.  Then apparently, more chairs flew.  The wind picked up.  Guests grabbed at flying napkins and held onto their beers.  When the lights came back on, it was late and only two horse guys were left. 

Can´t wait for the next Mexican grill.


  1. You have such an interesting life. I've never been to a BBQ where chairs were thrown. :) How's the book coming along? Has the agent responded yet?

  2. Hi Heidi, Thank you for your interest! An agent with Trident Media still has my full manuscript. I´ll blog about it whenever I get a reply. S

  3. Hi Sue: Somehow I have misplaced your phone and email. The prodigy link does not seem to work.
    I just wanted to congratulate you on being published in our new SOL literary magazine for the new issue!
    Yes, I did champion your work, but it had to stand on its own and was not dependent upon my input. I wish you well in all your endeavors, and look forward to seeing you in the Spring, when we move down to SMA full time. I miss you and the SPA, let me assure you, and my back misses you more.
    If I were there I would bring you a bottle of champagne to celebrate your publication.
    We are trying to make SOL a very high quality literary magazine and we have already made some good progress for recognition of that goal in the literary community.

    Hata que encontremos otra vez, vamos con Dios.

    Kenan Oldham