Sunday, March 27, 2011

Mexican Wonders

I just discovered another great and wonderous thing about Mexico - generic Fosomax in Farmacia Ahorro on Calle San Francisco for $235 pesos!  That´s like 20 US bucks!  Fosomax is a medicamento that strengthens bones.  Important for slightly built, British Isle-descended white girls like me.  Getting a bone density test and then buying Fosomax has been on my to-do list for awhile but I've been put off by the price.  It´s about $100 US a month to take the bugging little pills.  Or it is if you buy it by its brand name. 

My eighth and ninth graders blogged again on Thursday.  About what they like about themselves and what they´d change about their school.  WARNING:  Unedited version posted!  That means lots of spelling mistakes.  We´ll edit on Monday.  I probably need to take down mention of a particular teacher they say they´d have removed. Doesn´t anyone want to give my students a thrill and follow the blog?  (encouraging grin)

I have a website in the works.  So far my photo is up.  It´s very exciting.


  1. Okay, so I'm following your students' blog -- I think. All the directions were in Spanish, and to my shame, I don't speak Spanish at all. But, I am an English teacher by trade, so maybe that will count in their eyes. :)

  2. Yeah! Thanks for doing that! Today we edit...

    Good luck rising in Authonomy. How many books do you have going these days? Can you shoot me your email address so we can chat? Thanks!