Saturday, March 12, 2011


We love to make up words in our house, mostly have a -ation ending.  Like our friend Carolita is Carolation.  Sean´s horse, Andale is Andalation.  You get the picture.  Italicization.  Is it a word or did I make it up?

Italicizing is the question of the day.  I´m reviewing my manuscript.  Do I italicize words in Spanish or not?  Anyone?


  1. Sue...I'm assuming your manuscript is in English with a sprinkling of Spanish words? If so, you should italicize, I think. Also make sure the meaning is easily understood, and don't use so many in a paragraph or on a page that non-Spanish speakers would get frustrated and stop reading. You have such a beautiful way with words -- I just passed along the link to one of your stories to my niece (the one about traveling with the students to the beach). Terrific imagery and authentic, from the heart...the best writing.:)

  2. Thank you, Katie! Do you have a blog I can follow? S

  3. I've been wrestling with those bloody single spaces after each sentence myself. What a treat to "meet" an old acquaintance who's in the same boat. ;-) btw, did you submit to Atreus yourself or through an agent?My just finished book is going out to agents, so I'm shamelessly picking your brain. Ginny