Thursday, March 17, 2011

Photo with my Annette Benning haircut

I tried to upload this photo the other day and it didn´t want to be uploaded.  No quiso subir.  That´s how Mexicans express things that don´t go quite right.  It just, all by itself, happened or didn´t happen.  Nobody is to blame!  Isn´t that a polite and guilt-relieving aspect of the lovely Spanish language?

The above is to show you how great my photog friend JJ Anderson is.  I´m really not that good-looking! 

Editing...what a chore!  I´ve always used double spaces after sentences and am told now I need only one space after each sentence in my manuscript.  How many sentences do you think there are in 213 pages??  I know.  There´s auto-this and auto-that on computers.  I just don´t know how to work anything.

Twitter is an interesting phenomena.  I only pop over there ever couple of days. Meantime all kinds of people "follow" me.  I guess I show up on their suggestion list.  I heard Steve Martin on Letterman last night say he joined Twitter. I saw him on his King Tut tour at Lake Geneva, Illinois years ago. He was hysterical.  And I saw that Kareem Abdul Jabbar twittered, as I looked him up yesterday to make sure I was spelling his name right in my manuscript.  (My dad coached him.)  He was checked for cancer and now says he is clean and doesn´t have it! The things you find out.  Anyway, there´s two people who are way more interesting than Charlie Sheen to follow.  I´m going to pop over to Twitter right now and click their names.  You can follow me by the way. 
mckinneyortega.  I should have a button here.  I´ll figure out how to do that after I finish editing my manuscript....


  1. Excellent post. That is interesting to know. I never knew that she was married to a Mexican.

  2. thank you for your comment! Yes,
    I´ve been married to Carlos for 16 years. The story of how we met and married will be published by Antaeus Books on Cinco de Mayo, 2011. More news about the book, Flirting in Spanish, to come on this blog.

  3. Super cute photo! And it does look like you. The double-space thing is easy. Go to edit --> replace --> double space and then single space in the replace what with what fields -->then replace all. I know I still owe you blurb. I'm swamped, but it'll happen. Feel free to bug me when you get closer to deadline.