Friday, March 4, 2011

My Book

So every year I go to the San Miguel Writers Conference and get frustrated because I get busy organizing the Teen Writers Workshop, and busy in my business, Jasmine Spa, and can´t attend everything I want to, but I always get something out of it.  This year I met a publisher!  Two, actually.  Two small publishers who were interested in my book, Flirting in Spanish. One was Editorial Matzatlan from Mazatlan, Sinoloa, and the other is Antaeus Books of Miami, and I have just signed a contract with Antaeus!

The publisher, Jayne is smaaaart...she´s already come up with this great idea already...that I add a English/Spanish glossary of words of love.  Boyfriend - novio.  Kiss - beso.  Words like that. 

I´m over the moon about this!  I´m copy editing presently, as I get a pedicure.  I will soon have a real hold-in-your-hand book.   I bow down to glorious small publishing!  


  1. Oh, yea, Susan! I hadn't been on your blog for awhile, so how fun it was to see the news today! Please keep posting about it. I would love to know when it comes out. So excited for you and can't wait to buy a copy of my own!

  2. Hey Sue!
    Yea, so glad I just popped over to your blogspot here and read this, inspiring me more to refine my own blog title and do a first post about SMA. Also, narrowed down 90 shots of you to 56, then further to about 22 edits, finished some treatment on about 4 this am, (retouch, b&w, filter technique, etc) and uploaded to my host site, so probably tom. or Tue they'll be released to view. Will get Carlo's paintings to you next, then a printed title for my Hombre Caminando. Blog, THEN horse editing after domestic know how that goes....So glad you'll be published with your 'flirting in Español techniques'.

  3. Hey, Sue, what a treat to read your blog and to know what you've been up to. That I was able to find you is thanks to Jane Evans who gave me the info on how to see your work. I'm so glad you're writing - and publishing! I would like to ask yo to be my friend but I haven't figured out how to do that. Ginny

  4. Yippee!
    Does this mean that we cannot get it for our Kindles anymore?

  5. I meant Yippee! BUT does this mean we can't get it for our Kindles anymore?